Business Start-Ups

We work with Transmit Start-ups, a delivery partner for the government backed start-up loan scheme. Hosting coffee evenings, networking events to co-working space. Just bring yourself, and your ideas, and let’s see what’s possible! Even if your business is about two years old you may still be eligible for a loan of up to £25k per person, a group of 4 people being eligible for up to £100,000 to help you with your project costs. Loans are unsecured and no deposit is required.

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Business Evolution

Interested in being your own boss? Or pondering on how to develop your existing initiative! Creating and innovating is easy in theory, but a little more difficult in practice, so we are here to help you manage this process. Our 'Business Evolution' service includes:

  • business advice,
  • business plan write-ups,
  • finance inquiry,
  • market research,
  • marketing material,
  • website building including social media,
  • tender writing services,
  • consultancy and
  • free mentoring.
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Funding Advice

We are here to assist you in identifying, applying for, and securing funding opportunities that are available to you or your business. We will help you at every stage of your funding process, by:

  • Identifying your funding needs.
  • Identifying possible funders.
  • Developing your funding application.
  • Budget Planning.
  • Developing a long-term funding strategy for your business.
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Innovation and Business Enterprise Cobs

Our 'Cobs' are upcycled shipping containers. We call them 'Cobtainers' or ‘Cobs’ for short, because they're stylishly décored with scaffold boards and because when at work, they 'fuse Containers with Obtainers’. Cobs are used to house office space, co-working space and meeting rooms, houseware, upcycling furniture and clothing. Distributing chattels which are sold-on. They're also 'Pop Ups' and can be easily dismantled and moved around and between sites.

#Containers #Obtainers #Cobtainers #Cobs #CreatingEnterpriseWebs!

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