Executive Summary

A 'one stop-shop solution' for building communities, we create a “nice space” that enhances the neighbourhood, with stylish Shack Food Courts and Cobs which supply:

  • business education,
  • employment opportunities,
  • work-based training,
  • help with fitness and health,
  • social space,
  • community engagement,
  • community enthralment,
  • great food and drinks!

A company to which organisations turn in order to enhance space on sites, developing sites, buildings, High Streets, parks, community facilities, shopping malls, public-sector assets, healthcare centres, NHS assets, supermarkets, shopping malls, and, on water.

Nadine Campbell

Working with land/open-space owners and managers, developing Street Food Markets with Community Cobs that deliver employment opportunities, and health/social benefits to anyone by promoting general well-being. We create focal points that make a real difference to people, by enhancing social progression with business-education, employment and support. Building an environment that’s cool and friendly, we provide a nice space to hang-out and meet quality people with similar interests. A sanctuary where people can turn for help when things go wrong, from handyman services to emergency child-care, in addition, we deliver community initiatives such as travel clubs, sport-fitness and self-defence, breakfast and dinner school clubs, hobby centres, upcycling, cycle repair facilities, cooking lessons and so much more!

Helping landowners with Section 106 commitments, not only do we create spaces for people to feel good by supplying welfare requirements, we also sell our smashing quality healthy meals at discounted prices via our ‘Meal Voucher Scheme’. A ‘space for all’ where sponsors meet and showcase their ambitions to the community, we promote an enviroment where people care about and support each other. Working with local organisations we also help to assist people in crisis, our signpost centres identify people who would benefit from a ‘warm food voucher’, which can be exchanged for a great meal! Community Shacks act as ‘warm food banks’, where parents bring their children to have a meal and socialise without stigma. Sport-fit and self-defence classes are overseen by our ex-Olympian boxer, who specialises in Obesity Reduction. He works with schools and local authorities in order to get our children fit and confident. Our ‘Sports Food Vouchers’ provide a great alternative to fried food shops, and are very easy for parents to budget!

Engaging with local people by being involved with the community on varied levels, we save land/open-space owners and managers money, whilst also supplying individuals with the chance to explore employment opportunities. We enhance social relationships by ensuring that ‘community matters’.

Creating spaces that we ‘all’ love… we create spaces to work relax & play…!


Nadine Campbell
Founder of Community Rise and Street Foodie, trading names for
Elderflower Consultancy Ltd


Community Rise and Streetfoodie et al,
helping communities to rise, RISE, R.I.S.E...!

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